Our range of perfumes and oils are created using carefully sourced materials that are selected based on their environmental sustainability, quality and ability to support local livelihoods.

All of our botanical oils are wild-harvested on customary land and forests and ethically sourced from the custom land owners. We like the idea of 'empowering forests' by growing markets for raw materials that can be harvested sustainably, which create alternative livelihood opportunities to timber extraction and kava farms (as much as we love our kava over here!).

Most, though not all, of our perfume oils are natural oils sourced from around the region. We also use naturally derived and if necessary, synthetic substitutes if it means its better for the environment (take 'oud' for example, which comes from the endangered CITES-listed Eaglewood/agarwood tree), or because it is safer for your skin (read this great article if this last point conflicts you - unfortunately, naturals do not always equal safer in perfumery).   

Although there are barriers to sourcing locally, as is the case with our packaging, (there are limits to industrialisation in a nation of 300,000 people), we do our part by avoiding the use of plastics (that we have no facilities to recycle), providing refill options, and using timber process by-products to locally create the parts of our packaging that we can make locally - like our hand carved wooden perfume bottle caps.