6am alarm. Breakfast on the run. Day care. Work. Lunch. Work. Last minute rush to make a day care pickup. Dinner. Study. Sleep. Repeat.

Dreams of the island escapes, free of routine and simple pleasures kept alive through postcard images on screensavers, and daily count downs to annual leaves.

It's a familiar story.. but this story lead to the creation of EAU DES ILES.

As told by Lee-Anne Sackett, Founder and Creative Director of EAU DES ILES.

 "In 2012, I was close to burnt out, and then this sneaky little opportunity came along-a one year volunteer posting in Vanuatu. Everyone thought I was mad to go but it was my great escape.

Before I arrived, I imagined a healthy existence of sipping rum coconuts in white sand beaches, bikini clad and tanned, but i ended up on a remote volcanic island working with a very conservative council if chiefs.

There was no electricity, no running water, no rum or white sand beaches. But I did find an abundance of coconuts! And as it turned out, a botanical playground to explore.

One year grew into three, and with that a collection of extraordinary experiences and a new found appreciation for the natural environment discovered throughout Vanuatu's 83 Islands.

Those postcard pictures and dreams of escaping the concrete jungle became a reality of tropical jungles, and a life a little outside the ordinary, at times extraordinary, and never short of inspiration."

EAU DES ILES was conceived during this journey... hours and days of scratching coconuts for infused coconut oil experiments, making soaps from scratch with mamas with wild harvested ingredients collected in the tropical forests, and the excitement of discovering new botanical varieties  throughout Vanuatu and eventually beyond, into the vast blue of the Pacific Ocean and it's constellation of small island nations.

The art of Perfumery was chosen at the medium if extracting the essence of the extraordinary natural beauty of the South Pacific Islands. It became the vessel to capture our imaginations, connect our senses, emotions and memories, and live the extraordinary.