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The olfactory system, or our sense of smell, is the strongest trigger for emotions and memory. A particular fragrance or scent can transport us to any time or place, to relive that moment as if we were there. 

The inspiration for our unique perfumes and fragrances comes from ‘island life’ in Vanuatu and our adventures around the South Pacific Islands and beyond. Lonely Planet describes the South Pacific as “wild and exotic” and as diverse as it is vast. We try to capture this in our perfumes, so we explore to find those special ingredients that make our perfumes unique, and as natural, local and sustainably sourced as possible.

Like our Pacific Islands ancestors, our story navigates across thousands of miles over the Pacific Ocean while chasing the stars and riding the trade winds. 

We love to travel. We love to explore places off the beaten track - untouched beaches, islands, ocean parks, and waves, paradises majestic in their natural beauty. We love the richness and diversity of Pasifika culture and Pacific Islanders. Most of all, we love the unique scents that accompany each of these experiences - every one a sensory journey, invigorating our olfactory senses.

Here is the story of our journey, a visual blog of fragrant adventures around the South Pacific and a quest to find beauty and balance in a much smaller and slower world. Follow us to share that journey with us.

From the most remote region on earth, we share with the world our passion for perfumery and fragrance, our favourite flowers and plants, organic foods, local oils, secluded beaches, volcanoes, ocean parks, waves and surf, diving, pristine forests, remote and deserted islands, ancient traditions and culture, the best hotels and resorts, restaurants and bars, and the many beautiful and creative artisan, locally made products emerging from the region that you can’t find in mainstream markets, yet.